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PST-P8511 Single channel thermometer for one DSTGL40/C probe.

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Part No: Adjustable Top Mount Rotary

The adjustable top mount rotary features an adjustable coupling that can be moved up and down the length of the shaft. The shaft can be adjusted from 6” to 72”, which allows the rotary to accommodate differing material levels in the bin or silo. The indicator can be used in most materials in conjunction with a compatible paddle and is installed through the top of the bin. Differences in levels occur when material levels are changed seasonally during harvest or when materials are permanently adjusted in a bin. The ability to adjust the coupling allows managers to easily make changes without replacing the device or entering the bin. BinMaster offers a large selection of paddles suitable for use with any material, which are all compatible with the adjustable rotary level indicator. 

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Part No: Collapsible Rotary Paddle

The collapsible single- and double-blade rotary paddles offer a unique solution to address safety concerns and avoiding OSHA violations by preventing personnel from entering bins. The paddle collapses to fit through a standard 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” coupling, removing the need to climb into the bin to install the device. The two-vane design is best for light to medium weight materials such as feeds, seeds and grains or materials where more surface area is needed to apply resistance to the paddle and activate alerts. The single-vane design is ideal for heavy materials that need minimal contact to activate an alert.

Once through the wall, the paddle automatically springs back open and is ready for use. The installation of the rotary is simple and removes the need to crawl inside the bin. It can be installed by screwing the rotary into the coupling or mounting plate. The rotary can be easily removed by pulling the folding paddle back through the opening. The collapsible paddle is ideal for concrete silos that have thick walls or when a rotary is used to replace a capacitance probe or vibrating rod.

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Part No: Annunciator

The BinMaster Point Level Alarm Panel is designed to alert the user to vessel level conditions via a blinking LED light and an audible alarm, saving time and eliminating the need to manually inspect vessel levels. Level indicators – such as a diaphragm switch, rotary paddle, tilt switch, capacitance probe or vibrating rod – are placed strategically at desired points in each vessel, enabling the user to be automatically notified when a bin reaches a full, partially full, or empty level. The alarm panel can also be connected to an external horn or common alarm to provide alert status from a variety of locations throughout a facility.

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Part No: Heat Tubes for High Temperature Applications

When the external temperature outside the bin exceeds 140°F (60°C), an optional heat tube can be added to distance the electronics of the unit away from a heat source. They can also be used to extend the rotary beyond insulation on the outside of the bin. Heat tubes can be used for top or side mounted applications with either the BMRX or MAXIMA+. They are available in 8” or 12” lengths in either aluminum or stainless steel.
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Part No: BC-730-0503

The BRMX rotary paddle bin level indicator provides reliable point level detection and measurement of dry bulk solids in bins, tanks, silos, hoppers and conveyors for materials including grain, feed, plastic pellets, cement and aggregates. Mounted on the top or side of a bin, the BinMaster BMRX alerts operators when bins are full without the rigors and risks associated with climbing and continuously checking bins levels. When material is not in contact with the paddle, the paddle rotates freely. When the paddle comes into contact with dry bulk material, the paddle stops rotating and sends a signal – normally through the use of a horn or light – to alert that the bin is full.
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Part No: BMRX or MAXIMA+

Top-of-bin mounting for rotaries is ideal when the rotary is used as a high level alarm. Solid material will tend to be higher at the filling point and most operators don’t want any bin filled to the very top and need to allow for a specified amount of headroom in the bin. For top-of-bin applications, BinMaster manufactures to the length requested by the customer, offering custom lengths up to 144”
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Part No: BC-730-0506

The horizontal rotary extension provides the ability to install a rotary on the side of a bin wall, such as those in concrete silos, up to 12” thick. This extension design allows for rotaries to be side-mounted with minimal risk of damage during operations. This optional assembly includes an extended drive shaft with a protective shaft guard that keeps the shaft centered and BinMaster’s “no packing” seal at the end of the shaft. Standard lengths of 6”, 8”, 10”, or 12” are available for both the MAXIMA+ or BMRX rotaries.
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Part No: BC-730-0507

BinMaster’s optional stainless steel process connection was designed for corrosive applications and can be used in conjunction with either the BMRX or MAXIMA+ rotary. The 304 SS solid stainless steel fitting is available in both 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” NPT sizes and comes with a stainless steel seal/bearing carrier. Rotaries equipped with this connection are configured so all materials that come into contact with the bin are stainless steel, making it ideal for applications such as food processing or in caustic materials.
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Part No: MAXIMA+

The MAXIMA+ is BinMaster’s most advanced rotary level indicator featuring a complete fail-safe system that alerts to the loss of power, failure of the motor, or failure of the electronics – making it the best choice for applications where it is essential that the rotary operate continuously and the user be knowledgeable of the unit status. A red LED indicator light on the top of the unit indicates its status, providing for quick visual monitoring of the unit. Appropriate for wide variety of bulk solids including powders, pellets or granular materials, the MAXIMA+ alerts the user to bin status via an audible horn or light wired to the unit. Notification occurs when the paddle stops rotating and is in a covered condition; it alerts again when the paddle begins to rotate as the bin is emptied and the paddle is uncovered.
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Part No: BC-730-0355

The economical and compact Mini-Rotary is designed for controlling material levels in smaller bins and hoppers that contain plastics, food, seed, chemicals and other powder and bulk solid materials. Its small size, yet rugged design allows for use of a level sensor where other types of equipment simply will not fit. Its principle of operation is simple … a slow speed motor rotates the paddle when no material is present. Then, when material comes into contact with the paddle, the paddle stops and an alert – such as a light or horn – will notify the operator the bin is full. When the bin is emptied, the paddle again begins to rotate, alerting the operator that a refill is necessary.
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