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PST-P8511 Single channel thermometer for one DSTGL40/C probe.

319.94 AUD

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Part No: PAT-4805CON
Qty 1: 210.00 AUD
Qty 10: 199.50 AUD

Microprocessor based Compact 1/16 DIN Conductivity/TDS/Salt/Temp Display Indicator

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Part No: PAT-7011
Qty 1: 210.00 AUD
Qty 10: 199.00 AUD

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Part No: PAT-7200
Qty 1: 299.50 AUD
Qty 10: 284.50 AUD

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- Madgetech New Data Logger Design for the RHTemp1000 Series - click for more details - MadgeTecg HiTemp140X2 Dual Probe Data Logger Series is now available! - click for more details