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PST-P8511 Single channel thermometer for one DSTGL40/C probe.

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ORP Portable
Part No: PAT-PH200
Qty 1: 426.00 AUD
Qty 10: 383.40 AUD

With convenient, compact design, easy-to-read display, up to five point push-button auto-buffer recognition calibration and excellent anti-interference performance. PH200 meter is the best value Portable pH meter.
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Part No: PAT-PD300

Up to 0.001 pH and trivalent Ion concentration resolution and 40.00 mg/L dissolved oxygen concentration, with easy meter-to-PC data transfer function, this meter can measure pH value and Dissolved Oxygen reading simultaneously.
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Part No: PAT-PC300

Measuring pH, Ion, Conductivity at the same time. Up to 0.001 pH and trivalent Ion concentration resolution, ±1% full scale conductivity accuracy at 3 decimal resolution, it’s multiple parameters in one meter.
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Part No: PAT-PH300

With convenient, compact design, CLEAN PH300 meter can simultaneously measure pH and Ion concentration. Up to 0.001 pH/Ion concentration resolution and 500 points data logging capabilities, it’s the portable pH/mV/Ion meter with advanced technologies.
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Part No: MM-MW500

ORP meter – range ±999 mV, accuracy of ±5 mV. Supplied with SE300 platinum electrode and 1 x 9V battery.

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Part No: MM-Mi106
Qty 1: 988.08 AUD
Qty 10: 938.68 AUD

§   pH/ORP electrode has a built-in temperature sensor and amplifier to prevent electrical interference

§   Display shows readings in an extended range from -2.00 to 16.00 pH or ±2000 mV

§   Simultaneously shows temperature from -5.0 to 105.0°C or 23 to 221°F.

§   Stability indicator

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