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PST-P8511 Single channel thermometer for one DSTGL40/C probe.

319.94 AUD

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Bench Conductivity
Part No: MM-Mi170
Qty 1: 1587.00 AUD
Qty 10: 1507.65 AUD

§   Mi170 measures 4 different parameters

§   Temperature compensated at 20 or 25°C

§   Compensation coefficient is selectable by the user.

§   Conductivity readings are performed with the 4-ring probe supplied with meter

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Part No: MM-Mi180
Qty 1: 1990.38 AUD
Qty 10: 1890.87 AUD

§   Mi180 measures 6 different parameters

§   pH calibration can be performed in 3 points selectable between 7 memorized buffers

§   The GLP feature allows users to store and recall data on system status

§   PC compatible through an RS232 port or USB

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Part No: PAT-CON500
Qty 1: 816.00 AUD
Qty 10: 734.40 AUD

This meter provides reliable and accurate Conductivity, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity and Temperature measurements with 100*74mm large LCD, great 120 degree angle view.
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Part No: PAT-PC600

Multi-parameter meter measures pH, Ion and Conductivity in single meter. Up to 0.001 pH and trivalent Ion concentration resolution, ±1% full scale conductivity accuracy at 3 decimal resolution, it’s your ideal pH/mV/Conductivity/resistivity meter.
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Part No: PAT-DC600

Simultaneous measurement and display of Dissolved Oxygen and Conductivity, with advanced technologies for easy data transfer, CLEAN DC600 waterproof meter is ideal for measurement in broad applications.
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Part No: PAT-CON600

With large LCD, this meter provides accurate and reliable Conductivity, Resistivity, Salinity, TDS values. ±1% full scale accuracy at 3 decimal resolution, it is ideal for your measurement from pure water to seawater with one meter.
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