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Micro Computer based Digital Temperature Controller - XMTG838x series

Product Code: PST-XMTG838x​
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XMTG838* series main specifications


-          Thermal couple: S K E J

-          Thermal resistance: Pt100   Cu 50

Precision: ±0.5% ±1B

Response time: ≤ 0 5s (filter parameter sets 0)

Output mode: modularize or non-modularize setting

-          Relay on-off output (keeping ON + keeping OFF) : AC250V /5A or DC30V /10A

-          SSR voltage output: DC12V /15mA

-          SCR trigger output: 5-500A

-          Linearity output: 0-10mA or 4-20mA

-          Power: AC (85-242)V 50/60Hz ; or 24VDC/AC power consume ≤5W

Work Environment:

-          Temperature 0-50°C

-          Humidity < 85%RH

-          No corrode and strong electromagnetism disturb

-          Power <5VA

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