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Micro Computer based Digital Temperature Controller - XMTG938x series

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MTG938* series main specifications


Measurement deviation: ≤ ±0.5%F ; S ± 1, ±0.3% ; S±1

Cold end compensating deviation: ≤ ±2.0°C

Sampling cycle: 0.5S

Control cycle: relay output 2 ̴ 120S, other is 2S

Relay output contact capacity: AC250V/7A (resistance load) or AC250V/0.3A (perceptual load)

Driving controllable pulse output: ≥3V scope, ≥40uS width’s over zero or trigger contact pulse

Driving solid relay signal output: driving electric current ≥ 15mA, voltage ≥ 9V

Continuous PID: 0 ̴ 10mA (load 500 ± 200 Ὠ), 4 ̴ 20mA (load 250 ± 100 Ὠ)

                        or 0 ̴ 5V (load ≥ 100kὨ), 1 ̴ 5V (load ≥ 100k Ὠ)

Exterior and hole size : 48 x 48 x 110

Power : AC85V ̴ 242V, 50/60Hz

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