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EFT-3 Food Safety Thermometer

Brand: Center
Product Code: PST-EFT-3
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PST-EFT-3 Food Safety Thermometer (PST-EFT-3) by

The PST-EFT-3 is our smallest handheld contact thermometer. It is a pen type thermometer with insertion probe making it easy to bring in the pocket ready for HACCP checks anywhere at anytime.

Together with PST-C350 and suitable antibacterial wipes this makes a perfect HACCP kit, the Pacific Sensor Technologies Food Safety kit.


Food thermometer, -50°C to +125°C, 0.1°C resolution. 

The perfect budget HACCP companion.


·         -50°C to +125°C

·         0.1°C/°F resolution

·         +/- 1°C/°F accuracy

·         AG3 cell battery

·         Celsius and Fahrenheit indication

·         Auto shut off


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