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Euronda Eurosafe 60 XD

Thermal Disinfector pre-washes, washes, thermally disinfects and dries in a single cycle


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Eurosafe 60 pre-washes, washes, thermally disinfects and dries in a single cycle, so there is no need to clean by hand. This guarantees more effective and efficient results in less time and with fewer risks for the operator. The large, 60-litre tank can be used to thermally disinfect many items, including handpieces, loose instruments, cassettes and containers. The wide range of accessories optimizes the use of the space available. 

The user-friendly interface can be utilized to program up to 40 cycles, customizing them to match specific needs and materials by adjusting settings such as washing time and temperature. Eurosafe 60 guarantees complete, secure traceability and it becomes even more effective if connected to the other Euronda Pro System devices. It validates and records the data of all disinfection cycles, which can be saved on a USB key and transferred to a computer.


Consumes only 1.7 KW and 12 liters of water per short cycle, while the automatic dispenser eliminates wasted detergents. It plugs into the mains with the classic 220 V socket (three-phase is not necessary).


Compact but with large capacity: the 60 liter chamber can accommodate up to 2 full loads of a 24 liter autoclave. The numerous accessories available allow for optimal handling of handpieces, instruments and cassettes.

Forced hot air drying

All programmed thermal disinfection cycles end with a drying phase: a powerful fan coupled with a heating resistor injects hot air into the washing chamber from several points to ensure complete drying of the load. The hot air drying system guarantees the total elimination of water deposits on the exterior and interior of instruments equipped with cables. For absolute safety, a HEPA filter is available as an option.

Eurosafe 60 XD makes it possible to manage loads and optimize thermodisinfection procedures:
  • Standard cargo basket. 37 x 8 x 39.5 cm (WxHxD);
  • Insert for 8-seater trays (4 cm center distance). 39 x 18 x 11 cm (lxhxd);
  • Insert for instruments in vertical position. 37 x 12 x 12 cm (lxhxd);
  • Basket for cutters and small parts. 10 x 4 x 10 cm (lxhxd);
  • Products: 1 USB key, 1 water conductivity test, 1 kg of salt, Euroclean (0.5 l), Eurobright (0.5 l).


Dimensions 560 x 825 x 577 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 62 Kg
Total power Total power: 2750 W 230 V
Pump power V Pump power: 150 W
Noise level < 70 dB(A)
Operating temperature +5°C / +40°C
Fan capacity up to 100 m3 /h
Power of heating elements for drying 750 W
Warranty 12 months

Eurosafe 60 Catalog

Possible Eurosafe 60 configurations