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Maintenance Solution Kit (250mL)

Maintenance solution Kit for pH / ORP Meters and Testers, 250ml bottles

100 in stock (can be backordered)

$ 39.50 Ex. GST


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Set of storage and cleaning solutions designed to extend the life of your pH or ORP electrode. Keeping your sensor clean during calibration and measurement ensures accurate and repeatable readings. The pH sensor needs to be hydrated for the ion exchange process to occur.

In general, and depending on the frequency of use and the type of application, soak your pH or ORP electrode once per week in Cleaning Solution for about 15 minutes.  After soaking, remove the electrode, rinse with Distilled Water and put the Storage Solution in the probe cap before storage.   This will keep your pH or ORP sensor hydrated and ready for the next use.  

If the probe sensor has become dry, storage solution can be used for reconditioning (keep the sensor immersed in storage solution overnight). Included in the kit is Electrode storage solution and Electrode cleaning solution. All bottles are 250 mL.

The storage and cleaning solutions are lab grade produced with premium chemicals.


  • Fundamental for the correct use of electrodes and for obtaining the most accurate and reproducible readings
  • Sealed against light with air tight, tamper proof cap
  • Marked with lot numbers and expiry dates


  • Electrode cleaning solution (250 mL)
  • Electrode storage solution (250 mL)

Electrode Cleaning Solution – Safety Data Sheet

Electrode Storage Solution – Safety Data Sheet